Q. Why should I join AΩE?

A. Joining AΩE means joining a community of hard-working Engineers and Engineering students. You will have the opportunity to meet engineering students in all years and departments, and have a support system at UBC and afterwards. As a professional sorority, AΩE is focused on helping its members grow in leadership, professionalism, and friendship. We have study sessions and career building workshops, as well as alumnae events so you can meet fellow members already in the workplace. AΩE works hard and plays hard! We love to go on trips to the mountains, do crafts, play sports, bake pies, or just hang out between classes. We send teams to UBC Rec events like Day of the Longboat and Storm the Wall, and participate in various intramurals. For the best week of the year, E-week, we have a joint team with Sigma Phi Delta, the engineering fraternity. We also love to do our part in the surrounding community. We hold philanthropy events during the year to help charities around Vancouver. AΩE members frequently volunteer for EUS-run charity events like Movember Auction and Pi Week, as well as outreach events for high school girls! Our members tend to be heavily involved in other campus organizations, and we are a great way to become involved in the larger engineering community at UBC. You can join AΩE and still have time for other groups and activities. If all of the above sounds appealing to you, excellent! We would love to have you! Read the rest of the FAQs to make sure you are a good fit and then attend our recruitment events.

Q. When can I join?

A. September recruitment period. We hold many events to get to know potential candidates and to give potential candidates an opportunity to get to know us. While it is strongly encouraged that you start the candidate process as a first year, you can still join in the subsequent years of your degree. Check out our events on the recruitment page.


Q. How can I join?


  1. Fill out the sign-up form on the Contact page to let us know you’re interested! We’ll send you the schedule and any updates during September.

  2. Check Facebook for our recruitment event!

  3. Follow us on Instagram  and check out our stories during recruitment.

  4. Attend as many Recruitment events as you can. Especially attend AΩE Info Meetings. They are a great way to learn how we operate as a sorority and meet the other girls who may be in your candidate class.

  5. Meet lots of AΩE members.

  6. Show commitment and an interest in joining. We also want to get to know you and extend you an invitation to join us.


Q. What is the process involved in becoming a member?

A. Refer to How can I join? above first.

  1. Invitation – We will invite you to join us if you are interested in and committed to becoming a member of AΩE.

  2. Candidate Initiation – This is where you can make the final decision to start joining AΩE.

  3. Candidate Period – With your Candidate Class you will learn more about Alpha Omega Epsilon: our ideals and objectives, our members and our traditions. You will spend time with other members of the sorority and fulfill other requirements on the way to becoming a full member. This period lasts 6 weeks and requires more commitment than the potential candidate (recruitment) stage.

  4. Active Initiation – Here you agree to become a full member.

  5. You’re in! Forever!


Q. Who is permitted to join?

A. All female-identified and non-binary students in the Faculty of Applied Science at UBC are welcome to join, regardless of legal gender.


Q. What does becoming a member cost?

A. In the 2017/18 school year, new members paid $75 for the semester and active members paid roughly $125. Please note that the exact amount may change slightly year-to-year as exchange rates with the United States fluctuate. Additionally, in the interest of keeping fees as low as possible, candidates and members who volunteer for fundraising events will have a portion of those funds put towards their fees as a thank-you.

Q. What is AΩE’s stance on hazing?

A. AΩE maintains a strict anti-hazing policy. All sorority activities are designed to be fun, safe, alcohol-free, and completely voluntary. The sisters of Eta Chapter want our candidates to enjoy their time with us – we aren’t interested in forcing you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. More information can be found in our international risk management policy