Executive Members


Amanda Tuey


I'm a ## year Mechanical Engineering student, born and raised in the GVA ("You merely adopted the rain. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn't see the sun until I was already a (wo)man."). I will happily host and join cheese and wine nights. Bonus points if the movie showing is a romantic comedy (the more cheese, the better). When I am not trying like mad to graduate, I like to spend my time exploring the world, being outside, and generally being the mom friend. Come find me and I will happily drop everything to chat!


Gabby Sabaten


Gabby still needs to submit a bio to the webmaster, but I will just say that she’s really dope!


Lina Lem


I’m from Calgary, Alberta. I’m a true-born CHBEliever. I love Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I also play badminton and would love to find more people to play with. I will gladly show you pictures of my dog if you ask.


Amber Donnelly


I’m a 5th year Engineering Physics student with Software Engineering focus. I love to travel, visit museums, and just generally explore. I’m also a huge film buff and I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I went to high school in Brandon, Manitoba and can confirm that the province does exist!


Emma Jackson


I’m from a town that is closer to the Victoria airport than to Victoria and came to UBC to escape ferry traffic. If given the opportunity, I will happily talk your ear off about theater production and/or soccer-playing robots. My nickname is Lemma, which is actually a math term and probably says a lot more about me than this bio does.


Cecelia Ruigrock

membership educator

We love Cecelia and how she’s going to be bringing our candidates this year into the wonderful world of AOE - but to be honest, what would make her even better is if she were to submit a bio to the webmaster.


Alumnae Chapter


Eta is excited to announce that we now have an Alumnae Chapter! If you’re an Eta Alumna and you’d like to get in touch with others, send us an email. We meet every other month and host events with the Active Chapter and SPD Theta’s Alumni Chapter.


President: Rebecca McCreedy

Vice-President: Carly Jones

Secretary: Riana Sartori

Treasurer: Maria Strasky